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Traditionally armed chandeliers and fixtures have been the choice for most lighting applications. But what can you do if you don’t like the look of armed chandeliers, even if they are more transitional or contemporary? Pendant lighting is a great alternative to armed chandeliers or fixtures. Pendant lighting comes in all sizes and styles. Mini pendants measuring up to 8” wide are a great alternative over a kitchen island or bar. Mid pendants measuring up to 15” wide can also be used over the kitchen island and bar, as well as a small kitchen nook eating area. Full size pendants can be used as dining room lights and even large entry lights.

Hinkley Lighting produces a large array of pendant lighting. Hinkley pendant lighting is offered from sizes as small as 4” and as large as 30” wide. Hinkley mini pendant lighting creates a great look when putting multiples together. For instance, use 3 Hinkley mini pendant lights over your kitchen island or bar. Use 3 clustered together to create a larger look in a small entry, dining room or kitchen nook. This also creates a great look if you can hang these in the corner of a room. Hinkley pendant lighting is offered in a large array of shapes and styles that it will ensure your room will not only be proportionately correct, but also that it fits your style or décor.

Hinkley pendant lighting is produced using multiple materials. Hinkley even has a line of pendant lights produced in the United States. They use either natural bamboo, walnut, maple or cherry woods that are all environmentally safe. The light uses the new very efficient and economically LED technology. Hinkley also produces a multitude of glass that hangs from different color finishes and plating. Hinkley pendant lighting can be purchased with finishes that range from chrome to vintage brass, from black to nickel and from multiple bronzes to the new brushed bronze. Hinkley pendant lighting can also be purchased with fabric shades. These come as small as 6” and as large as 30” wide. As you can see, Hinkley pendant lighting can be ordered in a way that allows you to match your décor while using the same style as the room, or even choosing an eclectic look by choosing a style that matches the style in the room.

As you make your design choices on size and style you will notice that Hinkley pendant lighting ensures a look that perfectly fits the décor and style of any room that you need lighting. In fact, since Hinkley Lighting has the most up to date warehouse, they can ship immediately upon receipt of the order.


Ceiling fixtures, also known as flush mount or semi flush mount fixtures, are used to complete the decorative look of your room or hall. By replacing old basic flush or semi flush fixtures with decorative ceiling fixtures, you can change the overall look of your room or hall to one that really pops and puts the finishing touches to your décor.

Hinkley ceiling fixtures are a great example of the decorative flair that is available on the market today. Hinkley has been producing lighting for over 91 years. They produced in Cleveland, Ohio since 1922 and have brought their manufacturing expertise overseas to create a look, with exceptional quality at a very fair price. Hinkley is known as a high value product line due to this.

Hinkley ceiling fixtures are available in multiple styles, from traditional to contemporary, from transitional to rustic modern. Choose a Hinkley ceiling fixture that represents your personal style and how it works with the décor you have in the area you are using them. Hinkley also has multiple sizes that will allow you to choose the size that fits best in the area. You may choose a Hinkley ceiling fixture that stays with in the style you have or feel free to mix styles. Eclectic works great when you can bring the same feel together, even using different mediums. As you can understand, Hinkley ceiling fixtures come is many styles and sizes to make it easy to choose the perfect ceiling fixture for you, your room and your style.

Are you environmentally conscientious? If so, you can install screw in fluorescent spiral bulbs into Hinkley ceiling fixtures since a large percentage use medium based sockets, the same ones as regular light bulbs use. Hinkley has even introduced their new proprietary use of LED lighting for ceiling fixtures. Since Hinkley was able to produce the LED light output that matches the typical 100 watt light bulb, as well as the color of the bulb, they are now able to offer this alternative on some of their ceiling fixtures. In fact, if the Hinkley ceiling fixture has 3 sockets in the normal format, the LED version will also have 3 sets of LED modules that will replicate the look and light output at a much less amount of energy.

Hinkley ceiling fixtures are a great choice that allow you to choose the perfect fixture to dramatically finish the room or rooms you are working on.


Almost everyone can agree that LED lighting is the wave of the future. Actually it is the wave of today! LED lighting is extremely energy efficient, even more than fluorescent. In fact the better LED lights using 15 watts or less are now producing the same light output, called Lumens, as a regular incandescent that uses 100 watts. That is an 85% savings in energy use. Not only that, LED offers more features and benefits than fluorescent. Most LED lights are dimmable with affordable dimmers. They use recyclable materials and have no mercury, as do fluorescent lamps. That way they can be thrown out in your regular garbage and not through special receptacle locations as do fluorescents.

Hinkley Lighting gives the consumer a large choice of their lights with LED lighting. In fact Hinkley Lighting is already offering over 250 styles of outdoor lights alone with LED lighting. Hinkley LED lighting is also now available on over 55 choices of indoor lighting. When Hinkley LED lighting is offered on their products, it is not just a bulb change. Hinkley LED lighting is using a proprietary method called a light engine. This ensures the high quality and very high value that Hinkley Lighting has been known for since 1922. Hinkley is a fourth generation run business based in Cleveland, Ohio.

The LED light engines consist of 3 components. The LED (light emitting diode), a heat sink and a driver which converts standard AC electricity to 12 volt DC. Hinkley LED lighting uses the finest in LED’s, combined with high quality heat sinks and drivers. Since all three components comprise to make a total projected length of life, all three components must be of a quality in nature to ensure a long quality of light output.

When Hinkley Lighting produces a outdoor lantern using an LED light source, they use a specific style for that lantern. Hinkley LED lighting for outdoors comes in two versions. One replaces the standard MR16 halogen lamp. This LED reduces the wattage used from 20 watts down to 4.5 watts or 50 watts down to 7 watts. This Hinkley LED is rated to last at 70% efficiency for 50 - 60,000 hours. The second replaces a standard incandescent bulb. When Hinkley replaces a 60 watt bulb they use a 9 watt LED, 75 watt bulb uses a 12 watt bulb and a 100 watt bulb uses a 14 watt LED.

Hinkley LED lighting for indoors is slightly different. Hinkley uses high quality components as well, but uses a different styled light engine specifically for indoor flush and hanging lighting. In fact each one is rated to last at 70% efficiency for 40,000 hours of use. For every socket, they replace each 100 watt socket with a 16 watt LED light engine. Each of Hinkley’s LED lighting fixtures is dimmable with a standard dimmer.

Hinkley LED lighting is a great choice for today’s need for light, with reduced energy efficient wattages, and produced with materials that do not hurt the earth.


Are you wondering why your room is missing lighting in certain areas of a room? Most likely you have a nicely lit room that is illuminating the center of the room. What is missing is the ability to light the outer edges of your room. Wall sconces are a great addition to any room, allowing you to light the outside edges of the room. By illuminating your room with wall sconces and a chandelier, you add size and dimension to your room in the evening hours. By putting dimmer switches on your wall sconce and chandelier lighting you can illuminate each type of lighting to create the exact mood you are trying to convey. Wall sconces give you the ability to add lighting layers to perfect the statement and mood that you are looking for in your room.

Hinkley Lighting wall sconces are a great choice in wall sconce lighting. Hinkley Lighting has been produced to exacting specifications since 1922. They are a fourth generation run business based in Cleveland, OH. They are known as being one of the best values on the market today, as they will never be the cheapest, but you always receive a style with quality that represents a great value.

Hinkley Lighting wall sconces are available in a myriad of styles that will accent or differentiate you room’s décor. You can choose from traditional to contemporary, from Asian to mountain resort to rustic modern and all choices in between. Hinkley wall sconces allow you to choose the best fit for your room by offering different sizes, with or without shades, multiple finishes, as well as with or without arms.

Hinkley wall sconces are available in regular incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs. As for the energy efficient conscience you can get compact fluorescent or LED bulbs for an additional fee.

Some of Hinkley wall sconces can be purchased with only a 3.5” extension from the wall. This is a great feature for hallways and stairwells where you do not want the wall sconce to protrude too far out into the room. Hinkley offers over 30 styles of wall sconces with an extension of 4” or less. Add the different finishes that are available with some of the wall sconces and your choices are huge.

Hinkley wall sconces have the choices you need to find the perfect wall sconce to fit your room.

Bath & Vanity Lighting by Hinkley Lighting

Hinkley Lighting

Bathed in the Right Light - It's a misconception from years past that bathrooms must be brightly lit. Bathrooms do require a certain amount of practical light to support practical activities that are performed in the bathroom, such as styling your hair or applying makeup. However, creating layers of light can be most effective in the bathroom because it can provide the ability to control the lighting depending on the task at hand.

Hinkley Lighting|Item 5590|One Light Wall Sconce Task Lighting:
Task lighting is one of the most important types of lighting for the bathroom, and should be addressed with a lighting scheme for the vanity. The best vanity lighting utilizes cross illumination, which provides shadow-free lighting, In other words, you need a lighting solution over the vanity, as well as on both sides of the vanity, which lights the face evenly, and achieves the "cross-illumination" effect by eliminating shadows.

Ambient Lighting:
Ambient lighting is typically provided by ceiling fixtures, and is especially important in the bathroom because of varied mixtures of materials and finishes, many of them shiny surfaces like wall tile, floor tile, and chrome faucets. Recessed lighting with a dimmer is ideal for introducing some lower-level ambient lighting into the bath. It’s less likely to cause a glare by reflecting off of shiny surfaces, which creates a more pleasing and relaxing environment.

Additional Tips:
Mirrors can make a space look larger and lighter; they can increase the impact of anything they reflect; they can change the contours of a room; and multiply and divide the effects of lights.

Meridian Collection|Large PendantTry These Layering Options:
These days there are many options to compliment or supplement your overhead, central lighting source. Chandeliers are being introduced in the bath, adding a touch of glamor. Decorative cut glass or crystal dressed chandeliers can add sparkle and create depth and drama while fracturing and multiplying the light further.

Flush Mounts:
Flush ceiling mounts are still an ideal choice, especially if installed with a dimming option. Their diffused light source helps eliminate harsh reflections in mirrors or off tile surfaces.

Mini-pendants are even gaining popularity as an alternative option to side mirror lighting, and can be used above the bathtub for a dramatic effect. Pendants are easily adjusted during installation to reach just the right height by a mirror to ensure you have the perfect lighting effect.

Wall & Vanity Lighting:
Above the sink, decorative sconces are popular and are available in a variety of sizes (2-light, 3-light, etc.). Single-light sconces on either side of the mirror help to even out task lighting in this area, as well as to accent other areas of the bathroom.

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by Hinkley Lighting

Chrome or Brushed Nickel finish with faceted clear inside etched glass

Bath & Vanity Lighting

5593BNMeridian 3 Light Bath Bar

Clean and Modern: The Meridian bath family from Hinkley Lighting features a soft, yet elegant modern design. Complete in both Chrome (CM) and Brushed Nickel (BN) finishes with faceted, clear, inside etched glass, this family will add a stylish look to your bath. The Meridian family uses G9 sockets and the wide arcing tube design is mimicked by the oval back plate with flat sides on both ends. Their bath lights are available in 1-light, 2-light, 3-light, and 4-light configurations.

3873BNMeridian 3 Light Chandelier

Clean and Modern: The Meridian family from Hinkley Lighting features a soft, yet elegant modern design. Complete in a Brushed Nickel (BN) finish with faceted, clear, inside etched glass, this family will add a stylish look to your home. The Meridian family uses G9 sockets and the wide arcing tube design is mimicked by the curve of the oval shades. The Meridian Collection features chandeliers in all sizes to fit any space. Their 3 Light chandelier would be a perfect addition over a bath tub to create drama and set the right mood for relaxation.

3872BNMeridian 3 Light Pendant

Clean and Modern: The Meridian bath family from Hinkley Lighting features a soft, yet elegant modern design. Complete in a Brushed Nickel (BN) finishe with faceted, clear, inside etched glass, this family will add a stylish look to your home. The Meridian 3 Light Pendant uses a medium base socket and the wide arcing tube design is mimicked by the curve of the round shade.

3870BNMeridian 1 Light Wall Sconce

Clean and Modern: The Meridian bath family from Hinkley Lighting features a soft, yet elegant modern design. Complete in a Brushed Nickel (BN) finishe with faceted, clear, inside etched glass, this family will add a stylish look to your home. The Meridian family uses G9 sockets and the wide arcing tube design is mimicked by the curve of the oval shade.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. How do these products compare to others?
Since 1922, Hinkley Lighting has been driven by a passion to blend design and function in creating quality products that enhance your life. Hinkley is continually recommended by interior and exterior designers. Hinkley uses high quality components when making their fixtures to ensure the finished product is of the highest quality.

Q. About Hinkley
Hinkley Lighting is a family owned and run company established in 1922. They take the utmost pride in their work and it is reflected in their products. They give back to their community through involvement in AHA (American Heart Association), Harvest for Hunger, and Embrace Kids Foundation, Heel to Heal.

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